Attention: Consumers with Disabilities Help Disability Rights Advocates Oppose Energy Utility Rate Increases

Posted to site June 25, 2010

California’s biggest energy utilities are seeking to raise or redesign their rates in a way that will harm the state’s low-income residents.

Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) believes that the proposed changes will harm residential consumers with disabilities, many of whom live on a fixed income and rely on utilities more than the average Californian. DRA is opposing the proposals before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). We are collecting individual consumer stories to help us persuade the CPUC to reject these rate increases.

DRA believes that testimony reflecting the real-world impact of increased utility bills on individuals with disabilities is essential in providing the state’s decision-makers and the public with a complete picture of the effects of proposed rate hikes.

DRA is Seeking Stories from Consumers with Disabilities.

If anyone in your household has a disability, we want to hear from you.

· Do you struggle to pay your utility bills?

· Would an increase in utility rates harm your ability to pay for all your monthly expenses?

· Have you ever been forced to choose between paying your utility bill or a bill for another service? What choices have you made?

To share your story, please contact Zack Wiley or
Alicia Reyes at Disability Rights Advocates.

Disability Rights Advocates
Email: Zack Wiley:
Email: Alicia Reyes:
Phone: 510/665-8644 (same for both)
TTY: 510/665-8716

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