Commissions Congratulate Nova Scotians for Work on International Disabilities Convention

by: Government of Nova Scotia
Mar 17th, 2010

The Disabled Person’s Commission and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission today, March 17, congratulated the Nova Scotians who took a
leadership role in the drafting and finalizing of the International Convention
on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Dulcie McCallum and Steven Estey were part of the Canadian
delegation at the United Nations that drafted the treaty. Ms. McCallum was invited as an expert in the rights of people with intellectual/mental disabilities and Mr. Estey represented the coalition of non-government disability organizations.

“Nova Scotians can be proud of the role they played for Canada in the development, signing and ratification of the new UN convention. It was an exciting
albeit at times a challenging experience,” said Ms. McCallum. “Now we can move forward with full implementation and the recognition of the rights embodied in the convention so it can begin to make a tangible difference in the lives of Nova Scotians who have a disability.”

Nova Scotia was one of the first to support Canada’s ratification of the convention, which took place on March 11.

“It gives context and detail around the right to inherent dignity and equality for everyone,” said Krista Daley, CEO, Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. “It provides additional promotion and protection for Nova Scotians with disabilities and puts Canada squarely within the
international human rights framework for person’s with disabilities.

“It is inspiring that these Nova Scotians had such a key role in making this a reality. The commission thanks them for their tireless work.”

One in five Nova Scotians have a disability. The ratification of the convention is historic as it recognizes that
people with disabilities now have the same civil and human rights as everyone else.

Ms. McCallum and the commissions also thanked Ross Landry, Minister responsible for the Human Rights Act, Denise Peterson-Rafuse, Minister responsible for the Disabled Persons Commission Act, National Defence Minister Peter MacKay and staff for their role and leadership.

“We are committed to working with the provincial government and the disability community to ensure Nova Scotians with disabilities have equitable access to education, housing, transportation, health care, employment and other human rights found in the Convention.” said Anne MacRae, executive director, Disabled Persons Commission.

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Anne MacRae
Disabled Persons Commission

Krista Daley
Human Rights Commission

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