Geauga County Public Library Adds Technology to Aid Hearing Impaired

By Staff report, The News-Herald
Posted: 07/04/16

Many churches, subways, airports and universities already use telecoils, and users find it to be life changing, the release stated. Libraries are community spaces where people routinely share ideas and converse with each other, and this technology allows a wider patron base to enjoy the many resources their libraries provide.

“We want our buildings to be welcoming to everyone,” says GCPL Director Ed Worso in the press release . “Hearing loss is a reality for many of our patrons, but it’s not something that has to impact them negatively in our buildings.

“We are pleased to offer this hearing loop in all our facilities,” he added. “When people who wear hearing aids first flip the switch to activate their T-coils, they immediately smile and share how happy they are to hear conversations.”

The library has added a blue and white symbol with the ear and the letter “T” in its buildings. This sign is a reminder to switch hearing aids to “T” mode.

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