Special Education Teacher Develops Assistive Device

Rob Mayben is a special education teacher in Sonora, California. Several years ago a student was placed in his special education math/woodshop and was unable to actively and independently participate. Since that time, Mayben developed an assistive device that helped him and others become more independent at home, school, work, and even during family outings. His assistive device is portable, lightweight, sets up quickly and is called the desktop desk.

Mayben says, “Over the past several years I have worked with school districts, universities, parents, students, special education agencies, hospitals, and more to help further the development of the desktop desk.” His goal is to help provide disabled individuals greater opportunities for access, independence, and the ability to actively participate while building confidence and enthusiasm.

The desktop desk has helped provide opportunities and access for individuals who have orthopedic impairments, fine motor deficits, visual impairments, hyperactivity and focus limits, and more.

The desktop desk can benefit individuals with disabilities on many different levels. It does the small things like helping provide individuals with hyperactive and autistic tendencies the means to focus and participate, while also providing severely disabled students who can’t speak, have limited motor skills, and a full time adult aide the ability to independently participate in classes and activities to the best of their ability.

The desktop desk provides a lightweight and portable, easy to clean work or eating surface that attaches to most tables, dining room to picnic. It creates a large, stable, and functional writing surface that adjusts in elevations and angles while providing opportunities for categorization, organization, and independence.

The desktop desk is an adjustable activity center that can provide disabled individuals the ability to access and actively participate more equally in some of life’s everyday activities.

There is a video (http://desktopdesk.com/ showing the desktop desk being used by one of his students and how the desktop desk sets up.

Reproduced from http://www.atechnews.com/newsanalysis/assistivedevices.html