Edmonton Woman Wants Change After She, Her Service Dog Were Left Waiting for a Taxi

Alison MacKinnon
CTV News Edmonton
Updated Dec. 28, 2022

Marla Smith and her service dog Kuno like to spend time doing things around the city, so she’s not very happy about being left at Rogers Place last Friday with no ride.

“I booked for a 6 p.m. cab to get us for the 7 p.m. game and I booked for a 10:15 p.m. pickup and they did advise it could be up to 40 minutes after that,” she explained.

Despite being a few minutes late to the game, the drop-off worked out well. But the pick up proved disastrous.

Funding Announced for 47 New Affordable, Accessible Residential Units in Saint John

Leigha Kaiser
CTVNewsAtlantic.ca writer
Published Dec. 21, 2022

A funding announcement in the amount of $16 million will help with the creation of 47 new residential units in Saint John, N.B.

Construction on the six-storey apartment building, located at 7 Wellington Row, is currently underway.

The building will feature 47 residential units, including half of the homes with rents geared to income for non-elderly singles and persons with disabilities.

A news release from the City of Saint John says three of the one-bedroom units will be fully accessible and the entire building is designed to the universal design standard, including common areas and apartment suites.

Canada’s Policies are a Death Sentence for Disabled People. The Country Must Reckon with its Modern Eugenics

The way this country’s policies affect disabled people like me is a matter of life and death, writes Dev Ramsawakh. DR
By Dev RamsawakhContributor
Sat., Dec. 24, 2022

Last year, I wrangled a meeting with a producer at a media organization I’d worked with in the past to address my concerns with a new diversity outreach strategy. While they were trying to create networking opportunities and entry points for marginalized workers in the industry, it still only benefited those with the most privilege. I’ve seen and experienced the ways that marginalized people, especially if they were disabled, were pushed out of universities and workplaces, and thus unable to get the credentials or experience needed to even be considered.

Members of Disability Community Support Development of Accessibility Legislation: Report

22 December 2022
FREDERICTON (GNB) – The select committee on accessibility in New Brunswick says the province’s disability community strongly supports development of accessibility legislation, and the committee agrees this is the correct first step toward creating an accessible province.

The all-party committee of the legislative assembly was charged with conducting consultations with stakeholders, as well as government departments involved with the disability community, and reporting to the house with recommendations.

An interim report entitled Nothing About Us, Without Us: Moving Together Towards an Accessible New Brunswick was tabled in the legislature on Friday, Dec.16.

The Latest Android Update Is Bad News for Accessibility Users

Change prompts a ‘devastated’ columnist to search the internet for workarounds by Brianna Albers | December 19, 2022

I could tell it was going to be a bad day.

I woke up to an overdraft notice from my bank, which is never a good sign. Then I realized something was wrong with my phone. I’d updated it the day before, but hadn’t used it since then, so the changes took me by surprise.

Years ago, when I first switched from Apple to Android, my reasoning was simple: Android offered accessibility features that Apple did not. For almost a decade, I’d made do with the “assistive touch” feature available on the iPhone, but as my SMA progressed, I found myself needing things that Apple didn’t offer.

Denied Long-Term Disability for Mental Health Issues: Your Rights

December 16, 2022

In Canada, long-term disability (LTD) claims for mental health issues make up the lion’s share of claims filed each year.

Despite mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, being recognized as conditions that can affect your ability to do your job, many insurance companies still turn down legitimate claims.

By refusing to provide you with disability benefits, insurers are able to bolster their bottom line.

Not only does this prevent you from accessing crucial financial support, but it can add to the mental and emotional distress you are already dealing with before applying for disability benefits.

Paralympic Hockey Player Calls for Greater Accessibility in Ontario Ice Rinks

Billy Bridges forced to climb down stairs at Oakville rink
Devin Heroux, CBC Sports
Posted: Dec 14, 2022

Billy Bridges has witnessed so many advancements in the Paralympic movement from when he first started playing para hockey more than two decades ago.

He’s also watched as rinks across Canada have evolved into accessible spaces for persons with disabilities.

That’s why what happened at his seven-year-old daughter’s hockey practice a couple of weekends ago was that much more jarring.

“Nothing says ‘you still don’t belong here’ in hockey quite like being assigned a city rink to coach my daughter, that is still 100 per cent inaccessible,” Bridges said in a Twitter post on Dec. 3.

This Woman Can’t Physically Leave Her Basement. Calgary’s Rental Market Gives Her Few Options

Affordable and accessible housing in short supply in the city Karina Zapata, CBC News
Posted: Dec 12, 2022

On most days, Terry Goss is trapped inside her basement suite because she can’t make it up the stairs.

A car accident 24 years ago, paired with back surgery that went sideways, left her with limited mobility.

She has good days, when the handrail is enough to get out. But on bad days, she can’t check the mailbox, pick up medication at the pharmacy or even get food delivered to her door – all because of the stairs.

2022 Hearing Aid Survey – Aging In Place.org

Originally Updated: Sep 29, 2022
Written by:
Alex Bass

Today’s hearing aids are more discreet and technologically advanced than ever, especially considering the original hearing aid was the ear trumpet, a horn held to the ear for people to speak into.

Despite these advancements in style and function, people needing hearing aids may still be reluctant to get them.

Untreated hearing loss can lead to communication problems that cause older adults to socially withdraw and be perceived as confused. Lack of social engagement is thought to increase older adults’ risk of dementia and hasten physical decline. Hearing aids not only compensate for hearing loss but also keep older adults connected to their families and communities for healthier aging.

Mom Faces Felony For Recording Daughter’s Self-Contained Classroom

by Jacqueline Derobertis, The Advocate/TNS | December 12, 2022

BATON ROUGE, La. – Before she was arrested for sending a secret recording device into a Livingston Parish high school in an attempt to protect her daughter with special needs, Amanda Carter’s family tried to get cameras installed in their child’s classroom, her husband said.

It’s part of a larger conversation in Louisiana about how to use classroom cameras to help parents safeguard children who can’t speak for themselves, while still respecting the privacy rights of teachers and other students.