4 Reasons to Learn Online if You Have a Disability

by Maggie Hammond

Living with a disability can often make it more difficult for individuals to carry out everyday tasks and achieve goals that many people take for granted. Attending college can be a difficult experience for many disabled students, although the good news is that more college campuses are making the effort to make their facilities more accessible, for example by adding adjusted rooms to college dorms for students with limited mobility, or having lectures accompanied by a sign language translator for the deaf. Students with disabilities can often apply for extra time in exams or the use of a laptop rather than pen and paper for writing. However, perhaps the best approach to learning for students with disabilities is online education. Here’s why:

Less Travel

For many students who have mobility issues or perhaps mental health conditions that make it difficult for them to travel or get outside a lot, studying online can be the perfect alternative.

Is there a difference between an online LLM degree and an on campus LLM degree for disabled students? Yes! Studying online means that you can study from the comfort of your own home where you have everything that you need. Less commuting to class will not only be less stressful for you, but you’ll also save money on public transport fees or gas for the car.

Fit Study around You

Living with a disability is not always easy, and many people who suffer from physical or mental disabilities will often deal with chronic pain or other issues that can cause them to lose their focus or even feel too unwell to study. For this reason, online study is the most ideal for students with certain disabilities, as it is flexible enough to allow students to pick and choose when they’d like to work, depending on how they feel. With no set classes that they have to attend, students have access to program learning materials and resources from home 24/7, along with regular access to a tutor or mentor.

Overcome Your Disability

Some disabilities can eventually be repaired, but others are incurable. However, for many people who live with disabilities, overcoming this issue isn’t a case of being cured it’s about learning to live with it and still love life and be successful in despite of their disability. Online study offers individuals with disabilities a great chance to self-improve and find their true purpose in life.

Make New Friends

Living with a disability can be lonely for many people, especially if it’s difficult to get out and meet new people or go and do things with friends. Disabled students often feel left out from the traditional campus environment, as they may not feel comfortable or even be able to do things such as party or join sports societies. When you study online, you can make friends through social media and online learning forums, which is a great way to improve your wellbeing through socializing.
Students with disabilities are often the ones who find college the toughest. Online learning provides many ways for disabled students to customize their learning. What’s the difference between the LLM and the MT? Enroll and find out!

About the Author

Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organisations.