Acceptable Identification Document Policies – Call to action!

by Alan Shaw
February 9, 2017

If you’ve ever been denied a good or service, namely that of a wireless service, this is your opportunity to express your concerns and experiences and have them presented directly to those who can make a difference.

I currently have an active Canadian Human Rights claim against one of Canada’s major wireless carriers following a denial of service back in March 2015. My case at this time has been referred to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and we are now in mediations and failing a negotiated settlement we will be going to a full public tribunal hearing.

The primary argument being given by the wireless company as to why they’ve been unwilling to this point to consider any documents other than official government issued ID such as the CNIB Photo card, is predicated on their concern over fraud and that by relying on anything other than government issued ID, would expose them to greater opportunities for fraud, however no quantifiable evidence has been provided to date.

Their secondary rationalization for their stance on government issued ID only, is because all the other carriers use a similar standard! You should note, that all the other carriers just through themselves off the top of the CN tower and EMS is scraping their brains and guts off the sidewalk, hopefully the respondents will join them soon. During our negotiations I have offered a number of suggestions which would satisfactorily meet their needs but they have been outright rejected.

So here’s your opportunity to make your experiences known. If you’ve ever been denied a service when dealing with a wireless carrier, or been required to produce your Canadian Passport, health card or other photo ID or outright been denied a good or service because of a lack of ID. Prepare a brief outlining the details of your experience, keeping it to 3 pages or less and send it to my attention and I will forward your letters directly to the representatives from the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the respondents and tribunal mediator.

Prepare your document in a standard letter format and if your concerned about privacy, simply provide your full name, city and province and exclude your actual address and postal code. I will need your briefs by no later than March 3, 2017 so I will have time to assemble them for submission. Send your submissions to the E-mail address provided below.

Allan Shaw