BC High Discrimination Against People With Disabilities: Poll

Tom Tidgewell
Oct. 4, 2022

Nearly half (47%) said they had experienced discrimination at work, and 28% said they had experienced it at school.

A recent poll found that 1 in 4 British Columbia people with disabilities have experienced discrimination in the past year.

According to a Research Co. poll, almost half (47%) said discrimination occurred in the workplace, and about 40% said it occurred in public places such as shops and restaurants.

About 28% said they were discriminated against because of their disability while in school.

The BC Human Rights Commissioner’s Office said the poll revealed high rates of discrimination and stigma faced by people with disabilities.

However, only 12% of respondents said that accessibility and rights of persons with disabilities are important human rights issues for them, an issue that has received less attention among the general public.

Kasari Govender, BC’s Human Rights Commissioner, said in a statement Tuesday: “Much work needs to be done to end discrimination and ensure real access for people with disabilities.

“That is why my office is working closely with disability representative organizations statewide and today we are launching a public awareness campaign about disability discrimination in our community.”

The #RewriteTheRules campaign aims to raise awareness about disability discrimination (societal prejudices that support the needs and experiences of people without disabilities) and how to address it.

The campaign will include online and social media advertising, as well as advertising on the streets of Vancouver, Skytrain stations in Vancouver and Burnaby, Prince George Bus Station and Airport.

The campaign runs until November 20th.



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