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Gaming Is Becoming Accessible, But We Need To Keep Asking For More


On her left arm, Twitch streamer LittleNavi has a tattoo of WASD, the four keyboard keys PC gamers typically use to move their characters. Its ironic, though, because my left hand is the hand that has lost the most function over the years, says Lorelei, who goes by LittleNavi online to preserve her anonymity.

She was diagnosed in her 20s with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, a chronic condition that affects her central nervous system. I remember thinking, I cant believe I got a tattoo of the WASD keys, and I dont know if Im ever going to be able to use the WASD keys again.

The Live-Streaming Boom Proves That Accessibility in Live Music Can – and Should – Be a Priority

‘As soon as live music was taken away from everyone, suddenly it was made accessible to everyone’ Luke Ottenhof · CBC Arts · Posted: Apr 14, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous for the music industry, but in the absence of corporeal gatherings, musicians and fans have adapted to communing online. This trend has transcended class boundaries in an explicitly tiered industry: everyone from Coldplay to your old university roommate who plays free jazz improv is streaming their live performances online for people to watch from home. It’s a newly popular workaround for an industry traditionally reliant on physical proximity.