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Fedora Outlier LLC Blazes a Trail in Assistive Technology Teaching for the Blind and Deaf-Blind with its iOS Master Series

March 7, 2015


Fedora Outlier LLC, a nationally recognized firm of all blind and low-vision team
members, announces the iOS Master Series with Access Touch.

Fedora raises the bar for both the blind and deaf-blind with its signature Access
Touch feature for the iOS Master Series. Produced for Fedora Outlier by
iHabilitation Canada, Access Touch is an optional tactile enhancement to the
series that allows users to literally “get a feel” for their iPhone and iPad screens.
This gives users a better understanding of their devices and promotes faster
learning than traditional methods of assistive technology teaching.

Fedora Outlier LLC Press RELEASE: Master iOS with New, Web Version of The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility

ATLANTA, Georgia (June 3) — Nearly two months after the release of the firm’s first book release to Apple’s iBooks Store, Fedora Outlier, LLC, a nationally-recognized provider of consulting, teaching and support for Apple’s accessible technologies, is set to launch a web-based version of “The Old Hat Guide to iPhone Accessibility” on June 4 at 8:
00 A.M.