Compliance with EU web accessibility guidelines still low

Monday 07 December 2009 | 09:57 AM CET

The levels of full compliance with existing web accessibility guidelines (generally WCAG 1.0 based) remain very low in European countries, accordign to
an EC report.

At current progress rates, the web accessibility situation across the EU is expected to fall short of the targets set for 2010 in the Riga Declaration. However, the same report indicates that hidden progress towards accessibility (for government websites at least) seems to be detectable.

Web sites often fail to maintain compliance over time, as sites that pass the accessibility tests at one time often fail when measured at another time. The
study also shows the scope of coverage of existing web accessibility legislation/regulations varies across the EU member states.

In most countries, central government websites are covered but there is a lot more variability as to the coverage of other levels of governance. Additionally, coverage of websites
of non-governmental services of public interest is a lot more limited.

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