CRTASA Announces Launch of New Working Animal Health Insurance Plan for Service and Therapy Animals in Canada and the USA!

January 9, 2011
Canadian Registry of Therapy Animals and Service Animals (   CRTASA)

Until present it has been nearly impossible for Owners of Service and Therapy Animals to get animal health insurance coverage in Canada or the USA for their working animals under standard Pet Insurance Plans. Simply because the eligibility criteria excluded certain animal species, breeds, as well as it held age restrictions for animals qualifying for insurance coverage. 

Given that maintaining the service and therapy animal’s health and welfare is of critical importance to people with medical needs, and that veterinary care can be expensive for people on a limited income, CRTASA took it upon itself to make a difference! Recognizing that most Service Animals and Therapy Animals were not eligible for coverage under standard Pet Insurance Plans, CRTASA collaborated with PetHealth Inc. and designed a new Working Animal Health Insurance Plan in Canada and the USA that will provide affordable health insurance for certified service animals, service animals in training as well as trained therapy animals.  

This new animal insurance policy is also offered at a lower monthly premium for CRTASA members. As an added benefit, in the event an insured Service or Therapy Animal becoming permanently incapacitated from providing the necessary assistance due to an accident, injury, disease or death, the policy holder will receive up to  $5,000 to help offset associated costs for obtaining a new certified service animal or trained therapy animal.  

There are many other extra perks available through this insurance policy including making it affordable for people on limited income to take care of themselves and their service or therapy animals during an unfortunate event. For more information on becoming a CRTASA Member or for details about this insurance program please visit

     Canadian Registry of Therapy Animals and Service Animals(CRTASA)

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