Disabled Employees in Canada Offered Assistance

It has been announced that workers with a disability living in Saskatchewan have been offered help by the government of Canada.

A total of nine new employment projects designed to help enhance the skills of employees with impairments have been introduced, announced member of parliament
Andrew Scheer.

Features of the projects include the enhancement of job search techniques, job coaching, work experience and workshops.

Mr Scheer stated that “all Canadians” should be given the opportunity to contribute to the country’s economy by participating in the labor market.

“This government is pleased to announce our investment in these projects that will help Canadians with disabilities prepare for, obtain and maintain meaningful
employment,” he added.

The projects will be financed by the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Manpower Canada last week discovered that a number of firms in the country intend to slow down their recruitment efforts
in 2009, CBC reported.

Reproduced from http://www.randstad.com/the-world-of-work/disabled-employees-in-canada-offered-assistance.html