Eadie Issues Ultimatum

Winnipeg Free Press – PRINT EDITION, March 9, 2011.
By: Jen Skerritt and Bartley Kives, City hall roundup

ROOKIE Mynarski Coun. Ross Eadie is threatening to file a human rights complaint if the city won’t accommodate his request to hire additional

The blind city councillor learned on Monday the 2011 operating budget did not address his $45,000 request for staff to help him access documents and
find his way to meetings outside city hall.

In January, Eadie asked council’s Secretariat committee for the accomodation to ensure he makes it to meetings in unfamiliar buildings on time and
without getting lost, as well as sift through the mountain of paperwork at city hall.

While city-prepared documents can be scanned by optical-character-recognition software, Eadie can not access some grant
applications or appeal letters submitted by outside sources, including constituents. Those documents need to be edited by hand. For now, Eadie is
relying on help from city clerks.

On Tuesday, Eadie said in an interview he’s frustrated his accommodation request was not addressed and he must now “grovel” before Mayor Sam Katz at
executive policy committee next week.

“If nothing happens in the budget I guess I’m going to have to teach him a human rights lesson and take him to the commission, because I don’t know
what else to do,” he said.

Parliament did not debate whether special accommodation should be given to MP Steven Fletcher, Eadie added.

Reproduced from http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/mobile/city-hall-roundup-117634873.html