Innovative System Enables the Blind and Visually Impaired to Orient Independently in Centers for People with Disabilities

Ra’anana, Israel, October 10, 2018.

RightHear, developer of an innovative solution for accessibility and orientation of blind and visually impaired persons, today announced a dedicated version of the system for centers serving people with disabilities, making them accessible to people with sight impairments, allowing them to orient themselves independently inside the center.

The announcement follows a successful implementation at Israel’s Beit Halochem center in Tel Aviv, serving Israel’s disabled veterans and victims of terror.

RightHear addresses the accessibility, orientation and navigation needs of blind and visually impaired persons (as well as orientation challenged individuals), providing them with real-time audio descriptions, through their own smartphone, about their precise indoor location, directing them and narrating their surroundings. The voice notifications are based on information received from Bluetooth beacons (sensors) located in the area. The sensors are installed by the on-site staff, by simply attaching them to the wall with a sticker.

The dedicated solution for centers serving people with disabilities implements lessons learned at Israel’s Beit Halochem center in Tel Aviv. These lessons include location of the sensors and scripts of various instructions given to the blind/visually impaired persons, directing them during their visit to the center.

The smartphone app alerts users whenever they are near a RightHear-enabled center and picks up the signals automatically from the beacons. When the user approaches the center, he/she is told where the entrance is, and is directed by audio descriptions to the various departments: gym, classrooms, treatment rooms, rest accommodations, lecture halls, cafeteria, swimming pool, massage and hydrotherapy department, etc. The user is alerted when he/she reaches the desired department and floor, and then, inside the department, he/she is directed to the various rooms and facilities.

In addition, the system includes an administrator dashboard, allowing the staff to program and control the system optimally, according to the needs of blind and visually impaired visitors.

“Centers for people with disabilities enable the disabled to rehabilitate and improve their functioning despite the disabilities, so it is important that blind and visually impaired people also be able to function independently during their visit to the center and enjoy the activities and facilities that the center provides,” said Idan Meir, RightHear’s CEO. “RightHear’s system allows each center management team to maximize adjustments according to the visitors’ needs, and to enable them to function independently.”

The RightHear system is suitable for any type of building, including complex buildings (interconnected buildings) like malls, corporations, universities, hospitals, municipalities, museums, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, QSRs and more.

About RightHear

Founded in 2015, RightHear developed an advanced orientation and navigation solution for the blind and visually impaired. This revolutionary system serves users for indoor navigation and orientation, and comprises Bluetooth beacons (sensors), smartphone application and administrator’s dashboard. To date, the RightHear solution has been installed in over 600 venues, mainly in Israel, including malls, corporations, universities, hospitals, municipalities, museums, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. The RightHear smartphone app is available for free download on both Android and iOS, and can immediately connect with RightHear Bluetooth beacons. For more information visit


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