Join the Call for Passage of a Canadians with Disabilities Act!

Barrier-Free Canada/Canada Sans Barrière

Do you think Canadians with disabilities should be able to travel on airplanes or trains? Do you think they should have equal access to services provided by the Government of Canada? Should they be able to enjoy whatever CBC posts on its public websites? Should they be able to enter their neighbourhood polling station and independently mark their own ballot?

The parties plan to spend billions of dollars on new infrastructure. Do you think they should ensure that public money is never used to create new barriers against people with disabilities?

Many of over four million Canadians with disabilities still dont enjoy all of these opportunities. They face too many accessibility barriers. They should not have to individually fight these barriers, one at a time, by endless human rights complaints. They need Parliament to pass the Canadians with Disabilities Act to ensure that the federal government does all it can to ensure that Canada becomes barrier-free. The US passed the Americans with Disabilities Act 25 years ago. Its time for Canada to catch up!

The October 19 election gives Canadians a unique opportunity to move forward on the long road to a barrier-free Canada for more than 4 million Canadians with physical, mental, sensory or other disabilities. Everyone needs a Canadians with Disabilities Act! If you dont have a disability yet, you will get one as you grow older.

So far, the Liberals, Conservatives and New Democratic Party have not made this commitment in this election. In the 2006 election, the Conservative Party promised a national Disabilities Act. To date, it has not introduced that legislation. The Green Party has promised to pass a Canadians with Disabilities Act, but has not committed that it will fulfill the principles for that legislation that Barrier-Free Canada developed.

Barrier-Free Canada, a non-partisan, volunteer, grassroots movement, advocates for the Canadians with Disabilities Act, to lead Canada to become fully accessible to all people with disabilities. It is non-partisan. It doesnt endorse or oppose any party or candidate.

You can help! We aim to get all parties to support passing the Canadians with Disabilities Act.

* Press the parties and candidates in your riding to commit to support the passage of the Canadians with Disabilities Act.

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