Just Another Bad Decision by the CNIB

By Geof Collis

Re: Debate Stirs Over Hiring of Sighted CNIB Head

I originally started writing this Editorial about the CNIB hiring a sighted person for the top job and how it was a bad decision but quickly realized that it’s not their first and wont be their last.

This organization has made so many bad mistakes in the past that one more wont change my opinion, it’s just business as usual for those who make the decisions.

In October of 2008they shut down a catering business in Atlantic Canada that put 104 people of of work.

In January of 2007 they closed down a stor that sold specialty aids in Winnipeg, the Optometrist who worked for the CNIB’s Sight Enhancement Clinic for 20 years, Dr. Robert Lecker said it was wrong and the store was a pivotal component of the momentum necessary to help visually impaired people function. Of course this was only one of the stores closed throughout Canada.

In August of 2007, Wayne Sharpe and Gord Harders became friends through the CNIB’s “friendly visitor” program, a program that links blind and sighted people together.

Gord needs the help in Supermarkets because it is difficult to see things on the shelf and to use debit machines, having someone to help you, like a trusted friend makes all the difference in the world. Unfortunately, like many other services offered by the CNIB, this one was also cut.

This is only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to service cuts by theCNIB as many of its Clients know all to well.

In defence of the hiring of a sighted person for the top CNIB job, Terry Kelly is quoted as saying:
“If you have a 747 to fly, you don’t put a guy who flies a Cessna in the front seat,”
Well if the CNIB’s decisions in the past are any indication, no one has been flying for a very long time.

Seems the CNIB is more like the Titanic than a 747 and this is just another bad decision in a succession of mismanagement by the organization.

The CNIB says there are 836,000 Canadians with significant vision loss and they only have roughly 100,000 Clients. Not much wonder with a track record like theirs.

As the saying goes “There are none so Blind as those who will not see”.