Less Snowy Sidewalk Enforcement in Edmonton Creates Accessibility Barriers: Advocate

Author of the article:Lauren Boothby
Published Oct 16, 2023

A cutback to policing icy sidewalks and bus stops could make navigating Edmonton more difficult this winter, especially for people with disabilities.

Edmontonians must shovel their own sidewalks after a snowfall or face a $100 fine, plus the cost of removal, if they do not. But less money is set aside for enforcement this winter – $275,000 or about one-quarter of last season’s $1.05 million budget – and 26 per cent fewer officers will enforce snow clearing and parking rules.

This also means fewer eyes will be on 14 per cent of Edmonton Transit System (ETS) bus stops over the winter months. Private property owners are responsible for clearing 699 of Edmonton’s 5,050 public transit stops, ETS branch manager Carrie Hotton-MacDonald confirmed with Postmedia. Even if city council votes later this month to add $5.2 million over three years for manual shoveling, bus stops adjacent to private property – such as stops in residential areas without transit shelters – are up to individual landowners to clear.

“The city does not conduct snow clearing on these (699) stops as it is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner as per the community standards bylaw,” Hotton-MacDonald stated in an email. “Snow clearing of these bus stops would not be included with changes to snow and ice control service levels, should the additional funding proposed at the urban planning committee meeting on Oct. 11 be approved.”

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