Lexmark Application Facilitates Easy Printing for the Visually Impaired

Most companies nowadays are equal opportunity employers – meaning their criteria for selecting employees do not include factors such as race, sexual orientation or disability.

This is why manufacturers are also releasing office equipment and accompanying software to assist employees with physical challenges. Lexmark recently announced the release of a new web-based application aimed at making printers easier for the visually impaired to operate. The software, called Lexmark Accesibility
Solutions, works in conjunction with Lexmark’s multifunction printers. It basically works by saving the employee the effort of having to operate a touch screen display to perform tasks such as copying and scanning.

Lexmark Accessibility Solutions will allow employees who have limited or no vision to set-up and perform tasks that need to be routed to a multi-function printer – which will include printing, scanning, copying and faxing – from a computer. Computers are now more readily set-up for use by the visually impaired, with the availability of computers
that can ‘talk back’, which make them easy to use. Lexmark Accessibility Solutions are designed to work in conjunction with other accessibility products
that are PC or PDA-based, such as VoiceSense and BrailleSense.

With the software, visually challenged employees may configure printer job settings exclusively from a PC. They can, for instance, configure that the printer make a dozen copies of a document, duplexed and stapled. It can also set up a multifunction printer to scan a document and send the scanned image directly
to his computer.

Once the employee sets up a job on his PC, a number is assigned to the print job, which the employee will then enter into the number keypad at the printer
in order to complete the job. The employee can manipulate any of over 120 settings and options that are normally manipulated on the printer’s touchscreen
display, such as font size or background colors.

Reproduced from http://printerinkcartridgesblog.printcountry.com/?p=1345