Making Decisions Without Dated Information

By Donna J. Jodhan

This is the story of my life! Every time I go to analyze my ever shrinking investments, or request information from a
Governmental department, I have to wait weeks before receiving the requested information. Last year for example, I phoned the 1800 ocanada phone number
and requested a copy of the Health Canada guidelines and do you know how long I had to wait before it arrived? Three long and agonizing months! Shocker
or shaker? Maybe a shocker to the mainstream Canadian but no shocker or shaker to blind and visually impaired Canadians.

This is yet one more hardship that blind and visually impaired Canadians continue to endure and no one seems to either care or be listening. Do you know
that it took me over three long years before I got the Royal Bank to start sending me my statements in Braille and even at that the info is always over
two months late? I finally had to threaten to take them to Human Rights before they decided to move into action but what good does this do when the information
is always so late in arriving? Then here is the joke of the day! The day after the most recent Federal election was called I requested some info from
Elections Canada and guess what! I am still waiting to receive it! How better can this get!

The way I see it is that if the mainstream Canadian can receive information on time then so should we but there is something else that is very important
here and that is: Making decisions without dated information. It’s like using information from weeks ago to decide on such important things as being
able to deal with one’s investments, make decisions on important health issues, and so on.

The problem of having to use outdated information can so easily
be solved if only someone is willing to listen. Here is my solution for what it is worth. Produce information in accessible and alternate formats and
make it available on your websites.
In this way, blind and visually impaired Canadians will not have to depend on anyone else to make their information available to them. What’s so difficult
about all of this? Or maybe it is me who is missing the boat here? Or maybe, just maybe, the general consensus is that it is not important for us to
receive dated information. For after all, the majority of blind and visually impaired Canadians do not work so why would they need to keep up with investments.
Or, we are not important enough to receive our information on time. Out of sight out of mind you ask? According to my panel it’s simply pure ignorance on the part of too many.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan, your freelance writer and reporter wishing you a terrific day.

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