Members of Disability Community Support Development of Accessibility Legislation: Report

22 December 2022
FREDERICTON (GNB) – The select committee on accessibility in New Brunswick says the province’s disability community strongly supports development of accessibility legislation, and the committee agrees this is the correct first step toward creating an accessible province.

The all-party committee of the legislative assembly was charged with conducting consultations with stakeholders, as well as government departments involved with the disability community, and reporting to the house with recommendations.

An interim report entitled Nothing About Us, Without Us: Moving Together Towards an Accessible New Brunswick was tabled in the legislature on Friday, Dec.16.

“New Brunswickers are clearly passionate about their province and eager to build an accessible New Brunswick,” said Kathy Bockus, committee chair. “The report contains five recommendations which reflect and respond to the insightful input the committee received.

“The determination and knowledge of those who participated, along with the work they have already undertaken, is reason for optimism. All participants and committee members share the same goal: that every person, regardless of ability, may live fully with dignity and enjoy their right to self-determination in New Brunswick.”

The committee’s final report will be reserved to respond to draft legislation, which the committee has recommended be prepared by the end of May 2023.

Other members of the committee are Greg Turner, Richard Ames, Michelle Conroy, Ryan Cullins, Mike Dawson, Sherry Wilson, Benoît Bourque, Francine Landry, Gilles LePage and David Coon.

The committee’s report is available online.

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Shayne Davies, clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, 506-453-2506.

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