Merge-Interpreter Platform Provides Simultaneous Interpretation of Sign Language

Middle East, November 22 2021

DUBAI: Merge Technology has launched “Merge-Interpreter Sign Language”, the “first-ever” smart platform in the Middle East & North Africa to provide a community with a simultaneous interpretation of sign language for the deaf & hard of hearing.

The platform enables users to communicate easily through video calls, with round-the-clock assistance from sign language interpreters with a third party, the company said in a statement today Users can download “Merge- Interpreter Sign Language Application” that’s available on both Android & iOS, signup, and avail interpreter services anytime they need via the company’s call center. The smart platform provides the best-in-class certified & qualified sign language translators for simultaneous interpretation and is the first to provide immediate sign language translation anytime from anywhere for all deaf people in MENA.

Furthermore, Merge- Interpreter Sign Language platform also provides features such as, the first-of-its-kind hotline service via video and voice calls to businesses in all sectors, text conversations, easy sharing of files, contacts, and photos, and a personal account page for each user to maintain. It also provides scannable dynamic QR codes which a user can use to invite a friend and converse. The smart platform strives to build social, cultural, and educational bridges between the hard-of-hearing and hearing-enabled communities. The fusion of innovation & technology is revolutionizing everything around this. Merge has built this smart platform with the latest tech by empowering the hard of hearing to avail services for health, education, and more! With the aim to build a more integrated society, the platform translates conversations with sign language and connects the hard of hearing with the world, and helps them socialize with family, friends, and acquaintances with technology.

Ramy Qaddoumi, Founder & CEO of Merge Technology, says. “UAE is making major efforts to empower people of determination, and meet their needs, and enable their integration into society to achieve the sought-after inclusive society.”

“Merge platform has been developed with latest technologies to ensure people with hearing loss and speech difficulties can seamlessly interact with others, as well as individuals and organizations can communicate easily in sign language with them, by using the latest technological solutions to remove the hurdles they face in their day-to-day lives. Our pursuit is to help those secure equal opportunities, nurture their capabilities, and “merge’ into society seamlessly as an essential pillar of development.” Added, Ramy Qaddoumi.

“According to statistics, the number of hard of hearing people in the middle east & North Africa is over 16 million, and we are building a promising strategy to support their needs, and help them realize their true strengths. The platform is intuitive and is designed to help them reach out to various sectors of society and avail services as needed. “Added, Founder & CEO of Merge Technology.

The smart platform Merge- Interpreter Sign Language is designed not only for hard of hearing individuals but also for community members to communicate with them in sign language, as well as organizations to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing people or to strive to enhance public services or customer experience or improve inclusivity within the workplace, companies can use the integration of public advertising, recruitment and interview applications and government entertainment services, and more. With Merge’s innovative sign language translation platform, organizations can have deeper and richer conversations with deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

Merge also has strategic plans aims to launch a number of specialized technology solutions to support the deaf and hard of hearing such as educational, cultural, and entertainment platforms among others.

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