New Bus Standards Help Those With Disabilities

August 15, 2011

Ottawa, Ontario – Those with disabilities will be better served by intercity buses following new standards introduced by the federal government.

Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, has announced an update of the Intercity Bus Code of Practices, which establishes standards for accessible intercity bus services for persons with disabilities. The code was originally issued in 1998. 

“The Government of Canada is committed to creating a transportation system that is accessible to all Canadians,” Lebel said. “The updated Intercity Bus
Code of Practice is a good example of what we can achieve when we partner with the private sector and consumers with disabilities to improve service.”

Transport Canada facilitated discussions between consumer members of an advisory committee, and an intercity bus industry working group made up of the Canadian Bus Association, Motor Coach Canada, l’Association des propriétaires d’autobus du Québec, Greyhound Canada and Orléans Express.

New provisions added to the code include confirmation of reservations for accessible services; automated ticket dispensing machines; courtesy seating in
terminals and on buses; relieving areas for service animals at bus terminals; mobility scooters carried as baggage; design loads for lifts and ramps; opportunities to board and disembark at flag stops; building standards for terminals; and website accessibility.

The Intercity Bus Code of Practice can be found at
Transport Canada.

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