New Guidelines Require Buildings to Be Accessible for Persons With Disabilities

Asia-Pacific May 21, 2014

AHMEDABAD, INDIA: It is now mandatory for all new buildings in city to have a accessible design.
This came to light during a seminar organized by Handicap International on Monday in which it was revealed that the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) had issued a notification to this effect.

“As per the new regulations of AUDA, each new building within AUDA and AMC limits must have infrastructure that make buildings accessible to persons with disabilities. Constructions like ramps and flooring with color code must be applied according to the new guidelines. The proposal was sent to the government earlier and received provisional acceptance this year.” said Neela Munshi, senior town planer, AUDA.

A media sensitization workshop was held in the city by Handicap International, a disability advocacy group, which focused on issues related to people with mobility disabilities. During the workshop, Raju Param from Handicap International told journalists that people are not yet sensitive to issues related to persons with disabilities and their needs.

“The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has said that the new upcoming 15 modern bus stations will incorporate infrastructure that will take care of the needs of the physically challenged. There will be signboards in Braille and thick letters would be used. There will be a trip announcement system, ramps with railings and disabled-friendly toilets and bathroom.” said Neeta Panchal of the Disabled Advocacy Society. Source: Times of India

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