New Hiking Trail Set to Revolutionize Outdoor Accessibility in Green River

Erick Pauley March 24, 2024

GREEN RIVER – Outdoor enthusiasts and those with mobility challenges alike will soon have a new trail to use when the Skyline Trail Project prepares to break ground in April. Boosters of the trail promise a unique hiking experience with accessibility features for wheelchair-bound individuals. The project is an extension of the Green Belt Trail System.

Spanning four miles and with a width of five feet, the Skyline Trail will wind its way from Upland Way, ascending South Hill, tracing the ridge line, and descending behind Western Wyoming Community College. Unlike traditional concrete or asphalt paths, this trail will feature a soft surface, providing a more natural and immersive experience for visitors.

The Skyline Trail will adhere to federal standards for outdoor developed areas, ensuring that it accommodates diverse needs while preserving the surrounding environment. Three designated trailheads will offer ADA-compliant parking, facilitating access for all visitors.

What sets Skyline Trail apart is its commitment to inclusivity. Specifically designed adaptive trail wheelchairs will enable individuals with mobility impairments to explore beyond the confines of urban flatlands. With views of the Green River Valley awaiting at nearly 1,000 feet above the valley floor, this trail promises a unique experience for all.

The brainchild of the Green River Green Belt Task Force and the Dustin Shillcox Foundation, Skyline Trail pays homage to Dustin Shillcox who, despite being paralyzed from the chest down in a tragic accident, has become a beacon of hope and determination in the community. Shillcox donated $100,000 to the task force to support the realization of Skyline Trail and other ADA-compliant projects in Green River, inspiring others to follow suit.

The collaboration of major landowners, including the City of Green River, the Bureau of Land Management, Aggie Grazing, and Western Wyoming Community College, has been instrumental in making public access to the trail possible. Additionally, the expertise of William H. Smith Engineering and the commitment of Searle Brothers Dirt Contractors have played vital roles in the project’s development, with the latter offering their services at a reduced cost.

Despite the dedication of volunteers and supporters, the completion of Skyline Trail in 2024 faces a financial hurdle. Those interested in contributing to this transformative endeavor are encouraged to reach out to John Freeman at, Tom Wilson at, or the Green River Parks and Recreation Department at 872-6151.

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