New VoicePod Speech Recognition Device Enables Hands-Free Home Control

May 26, 2013

ALLENTOWN, PA.: HouseLogix, a Pennsylvania-based provider of advanced hardware and software products for home control, announces the release of VoicePod, its patented wireless speech control device for home automation systems. VoicePod adds both voice recognition and speech synthesis capabilities to popular home control systems such as Control4. Users simply say “Hello VoicePod” from anywhere in a room to activate VoicePod and then issue voice commands such as “turn on the lights”, “secure the house”, “good morning” and “listen to music”. Utilizing embedded speaker-independent voice recognition technology that requires no web access, VoicePod instantly interprets speech commands for voice control of TV, music, thermostats, lighting, shading, door locks, cameras and more.

VoicePod provides many handy voice control features that add speed, convenience and safety to everyday living. For example, users can select TV channels simply by speaking a channel name.

Hands-free control of thermostats is also supported. Users can even ask VoicePod questions such as “what is the house status?” or “what is the weather forecast?” and VoicePod verbally delivers the requested information. VoicePod can also speak in response to any event, alerting users to security concerns such as open garage doors or unusual temperatures or weather conditions.

Because VoicePod is only four inches wide and provides its own speaker and microphone, there are several installation options. The device may be placed on a tabletop, mounted on a wall, or concealed and connected to a hidden microphone and external speakers. For large spaces, two or more VoicePods can be placed strategically to provide hands-free control throughout. VoicePods automatically coordinate with each other using ZigBee™ technology to ensure that only the closest VoicePod wakes up when a user speaks. VoicePod’s patented architecture greatly simplifies installation and assures reliable and fast responses to every speech command.

“What I’m most proud of with the VoicePod invention is the way it allows speech interaction to become an integral part of everyday living,” says Ted Rosenberger , CEO of HouseLogix. “Hands-free voice control and speech feedback are there precisely when you need them but remain invisible the rest of the time.”

“We have seen the demand for voice control on mobile devices and in automobiles. The next logical step is the home. VoicePod delivers an innovative solution that takes that next step and brings all kinds of exciting speech interaction to home automation,” says Paul Williams , Vice President of Security and Communications Products for Control4.

VoicePod is a highly customizable platform with a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial settings. It is also an ideal assistive technology that can provide life-changing benefits for people with disabilities. HouseLogix has received UL, FCC, and CE certifications for VoicePod and the company begins shipments to dealers on May 13, 2013. Home automation installers may purchase VoicePod directly from HouseLogix. For more information go to

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