NuEyes, the Newest Head-Mounted and Hands-Free Wearable Technology, Makes CCTV and Text-to-Speech Capabilities Available in an Easy-to-Use Headset

AL BEACH, California, June 21, 2016, PRNewswire

NuEyes, a pioneer in the field of low vision technology, and mac-fusion, Orange County’s Premier Apple Authorized Reseller and Service Provider, are proud to announce an exclusive partnership to bring NuEyes wireless, a wearable CCTV headset, to visually impaired users across Southern California.

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NuEyes, featuring ODG smartglasses, magnifies (up to 12x) and displays enhanced versions of anything that a user looks at.

mac-fusion and NuEye’s shared dream for this partnership is to give people with vision loss in Orange County access to wireless hand-free magnification technology that can be used anywhere to increase their mobility, independence and quality of life.

Before NuEyes, people with vision loss had to rely on heavy desktop magnifiers that offer great magnification but no portability. Or they had to use handheld devices that were portable, but lacked stability and kept their hands tied up while holding and maneuvering the device.

For years, Mark Greget, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of NuEyes, heard people with vision impairments ask for magnification technology to be put into a pair of glasses. He finally decided the only way to accommodate these requests was to build a solution himself on the ODG Smartglasses platform.

NuEyes wearable technology is the first and only magnification device that is completely wireless, hands-free and mobile so users can have magnification and complete freedom without having to stop and fiddle with bothersome wires and control buttons.

NuEyes uses technologies originally designed by ODG (Osterhout Design Group) for military use. These smartglasses are a visual prosthetic that combines NuEyes’ lenses and proprietary software with ODG’s augmented reality (AR) R-7 smartglasses to enable people with severe vision loss to see again.

When most people think of augmented reality smartglasses, they typically think of online gamers or even the military with highly specialized glasses to help them perform high risk missions. NuEyes takes this technology and applies it to the specific needs of people with low vision.

NuEyes is proudly distributed in Orange County by mac-fusion, Based in Seal Beach, CA. mac-fusion has been selling and servicing Apple products since 1998.

“We are thrilled to bring this amazing technology to individuals with low vision,” said Marilyn Halpin, President of mac-fusion. “A lot of people don’t realize that Apple has been on the vanguard of assistive technologies built right into MacOS and iOS for many years. Incorporating a wearable device into our product offerings was the next step for mac-fusion and NuEyes is the best on the market.” mac-fusion’s GM, Ryan Weaver, had this to say about the new partnership with NuEyes, “I joined the mac-fusion family because the ownership’s core beliefs aligned with my own. Making a positive impact on a client’s life was at the top of my list of values and NuEyes will be another key initiative for us to continue this work. One of the cornerstones of our mission has been to enrich people’s lives whether that’s with Apple technology, training or service. In the short time since the launch of NuEyes and our partnership, we have been honored and amazed to see the incredible impact these glasses have on the lives of people with low vision. When you have a young client like Raquel (pictured page 1), It is truly inspirational.”

“I have not been able to see very well for the last 3 years because of my Wolfram Syndrome, but now I can sit on the couch and watch t.v. shows like my sisters and brother do. I get to go to the movies and not sit in the front row either, I love them.” said Raquel. Stephanie, Raquel’s mother had this to say “When Raquel was able to read 20/15, it brought tears to my eyes. To have to sit and watch your child’s vision deteriorate and not be able to help them is heartbreaking. NuEyes has given my daughter her independence and I am so grateful for that.”

“Our goal with this partnership is to get NuEyes visual prosthetics into the hands of every Visually Impaired Veteran and every person in Southern California suffering from vision loss to help them see and live independently again,” says Greget.

About mac-fusion

mac-fusion is headquartered in Seal Beach, California and as a woman owned and family operated business; we have served our clients and community since 1998.

mac-fusion began life in 1998 serving the IT needs of business clients with new Apple equipment acquisition, hardware life cycle management and day to day help desk support. In 2012 owners Marilyn and Kevin, a husband and wife team, opened it’s new retail location to better serve their community in beautiful Seal Beach, CA. Since then mac-fusion has been striving to provide a no hassle relaxed environment, expert solutions, and training to clients throughout Orange County. We understand that technology can be intimidating and believe in taking the time to listen, teach, ask questions and ensure our clients learn how the latest advances in technology can impact their lives and make everyday tasks easier. We offer several training packages ranging from group class experiences to personalized one-on-one sessions and because mac-fusion understands that clients cannot always come to us we make ourselves available to get to them so everyone can get the training they need how they need it. Being a part of the mac-fusion family means no technobabble, just human solutions to real world needs.
For more information, email: nueyes(at)mac-fusion(dot)com

About NuEyes

NuEyes is a veteran owned business dedicated to serving the technology needs of the visually impaired. Based in Orange County, CA, NuEyes is excited to bring such an advanced product to market that will leapfrog the technology currently available for someone dealing with legal blindness. With the leadership of NuEyes having over 13 years of combined experience in this space, we understand what it takes to successfully bring a new product to market. NuEyes is disrupting this industry by offering a product that can easily be dispensed through the offices of eye care professionals as well as the traditional distribution network.

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