Ottawa Launches Website to Consult Canadians on Copyright Laws

Posted: July 20, 2009, 4:27 PM by Chris Boutet
Canwest News Service

The federal government announced Monday it would begin nationwide consultations with Canadians to get feedback on copyright laws. “Canadians are concerned
with copyright and its implications in our increasingly digital environment,” said Minister of Industry Tony Clement, at a conference Monday in Vancouver with Heritage Minister James Moore. “Your opinions and suggestions will help us draft new, flexible legislation so that Canada can regain its place on the cutting edge of the digital economy,”
said Mr. Clement.

Canadians who want to participate in the copyright consultations can visit

The consultations will run until September 13 and will include a number of different avenues for Canadians to participate, including an online discussion forum as well as a submission centre for posting detailed submissions.

A number of round tables have also been planned across Canada to canvass the views of experts and organizations on the kinds of amendments needed to position Canada as a world leader in the digital economy.

The minister said two town hall meetings will also be webcast on the consultation site, allowing Canadians in all parts of the country to participate in the conversation via the Internet.

In June, Mr. Clement vowed to table new copyright laws this fall.

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