MARKHAM, Monday 4th July, 2016

Since its inception, Pharmaceutical Innovation Ltd. has developed notable, original products that consumers need for accessible medication and healthcare management. With the launch of its latest product offering, the new application called Health Espresso, Pharmaceutical Innovation continues to fulfill its mandate of making pharmaceutical technology accessible to everyone.

Health Espresso is a Bluetooth-enabled app that acts as a virtual caregiver through innovative technology. The primary user, typically an elderly or disabled individual, wears a Bluetooth enabled medical data collection device such as a heart rate or blood pressure monitor that provides body readings in real time and stores the readings, along with other medical information, on a secure network. A secondary user, either a family member or doctor, is connected to the data from the app at all times allowing the secondary user to oversee, manage and intervene if necessary.

Location-based technology allows the app to locate the nearest hospital or health facility to the primary user and the app ensures that prescriptions are automatically refilled at user pharmacy of choice. The app also populates and tracks medication intake and checks for any adverse drug to drug interaction to ensure there are no adverse drug interaction, if the user is taking multiple prescriptions.

It is Pharmaceutical Innovation’s patented Intelechip technology that provides the function of drug description, in the language of the user’s choice, to the individual about their medication dosage and information. Health Espresso provides the user with audible reminders of when to take their medication and the dosage, and if intake is missed or taken incorrectly, the secondary user is notified.

Pharmaceutical Innovation LTD. Also provides a secure portal for emergency personnel and physicians a secured portal through their InteleMed Zone, where emergency personnel can access a patient medication and medical history and their most recent health statistics.

“With each new product that create and bring to life, empowering patients to understand, manage and track their medication and consume properly is at the forefront of our mandate. Health Espresso’s multitude of functions provide a holistic approach to safe medication management and each function has been intricately designed to reflect a specific consumer need,” said, Tamer Mikhail, Founder and C.E.O of Pharmaceutical Innovation Ltd.

Pharmaceutical Innovation Ltd. designed Health Espresso in collaboration with longstanding partner, iCare Home Health, and with research and development support from the Sheridan Centre of Elder Research as well.

Pharmaceutical Innovation Ltd. leverages emerging technology to empower people living with disabilities and medical conditions to independently access their medication. With a growing product line covered by eleven International Patients, Canadian-based Pharmaceutical Innovation takes pride in its innovative designs and accessible tools it provides for consumers in need. For more information, please visit:

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