Pheon and Prosedo Mechanical Prosthetic Knees Provide Mobility and Stability for Less Active Amputees

For Immediate Release
AUSTIN, Texas (February 17, 2017)

Ottobock announced the release of the Pheon and Prosedo mechanical prosthetic knees aimed at providing mobility and stability for less active amputees.

The Pheon polycentric knee joint is an ideal choice to help less active lower limb amputees restore their ability to stand and walk both indoors and in limited community settings. With the integrated optional lock, which can be activated or deactivated by the prosthetist, the Pheon also provides targeted support for the post-amputation therapy process from initial walking exercises to the final fitting.

The Prosedo monocentric locking knee joint features individually adjustable, hydraulically controlled support for sitting down. Compared to a conventional locking knee joint, the Prosedo supports the user as they lower into a chair by dampening the knee flexion progressively. This can help provide balance and reduce strain on the user’s sound side.

“Ottobock is committed to providing new and innovative prosthetic solutions for the less active amputee population,” stated Brad Ruhl, President of US HealthCare for Ottobock. “I’m proud that Ottobock is investing in new solutions for patients who most rely on the security and stability of their prosthesis. We’re looking for ways to help every patient regain mobility and feel more confident.”

Both knees can be seen in action on the Ottobock YouTube channel. Pheon: [youtube]

Prosedo: [youtube]

Lifestyle images of the Pheon and Prosedo can be downloaded at:

About Ottobock:

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