PRESS RELEASE : DUCERE TECHNOLOGIES LAUNCHES LECHAL Worlds first interactive haptic footwear

A Wearable Technology Innovation From India
Posted July 25, 2014

Ducere Technologies announced the launch of the worlds first interactive haptic footwear under their wearable technology brand LECHAL (pronounced lay-ch-al, meaning take me there in Hindi).

Founded in 2011 by two tinkerers Krispian Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma, the Hyderabad, India based company initially designed the footwear to help visually impaired with mobility through unobtrusive means. The duo soon realized that this innovation can be useful for EVERYONE. This thought was further developed to launch stylish interactive haptic footwear.

LECHAL Footwear are uniquely intuitive and non-obtrusive thus offering easy mobility and convenience to the user. The user is guided through vibrations in the footwear that are simple and intuitive. The footwear that vibrates is the way to go.

The LECHAL product pack will include a pair of footwear (insoles or shoes), a Charger, an Application which can be downloaded on an smartphone (Android/IOS/Windows compatible). Pre-orders for LECHAL can be made on


Shoes that connect with your smartphone and help you navigate, stay fit and interact. Learn more


Bluetooth enabled insoles that fit into most shoes and transform them into interactive haptic footwear. Learn more


The Worlds first interactive charger. Snap your fingers, listen for audio feedback and know your charge status. One USB charger for all your portable devices. Learn more

How does it work?


An app loaded on a smartphone pairs with the footwear via Bluetooth. The user interacts with the app and can set a destination. The phones GPS is used to calculate location data. Directions are conveyed to the user via haptics (simple vibrations) in the footwear. The footwear that vibrates is the way to go. Learn more


LECHAL footwear counts your steps, and calculates your calories burnt. Through the App the user can create custom workout sessions and much more. Learn more


LECHAL footwear allows you to tag locations, set destinations, start/stop/pause navigation and much more, all by executing simple foot gestures. Learn more

Smart Assist

Never leave your phone behind. Lechal footwear alerts you if your phone is not in close proximity. Learn more

Travelling to a new place? Get automatic notifications of landmarks around you. Learn more

Your Products, your Experience. Customise the vibration intensity, notification alerts, and much more. Learn more

Inclusive Design

According to WHO there are an estimated 285 million visually challenged individuals worldwide. The white cane, while an effective aid, falls short with respect to navigation, directions and orientation. Moreover, current assistive devices rely primarily on providing audio feedback. People who are visually challenged rely heavily on their sense of hearing to acquaint themselves with the environment and may find audio feedback a major distraction.

This is where LECHAL steps in and attempts to fill the gap. Designed for use by everyone, LECHALs footwear can also be used by people who are visually challenged. Its intuitive haptic feedback (simple vibrations) is a Perfect Companion to the white cane, overcoming its drawbacks.

The globally renowned L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, is currently working on the worlds first study, testing LECHAL footwear for its effectiveness as an assistive device. Through this powerful, intuitive, unobtrustive footwear, LECHAL hopes to provide people who are visually challenged the confidence to independently move around in familiar and unfamiliar areas.


A perfect companion for the white cane. LECHAL footwear overcomes the drawbacks of the white cane with respect to Navigation and Orientation. Learn more


Intuitive shoe vibrations always point you in the right direction whether in familiar or unfamiliar areas. Learn more


Control the entire LECHAL experience with just two buttons or by voice commands. Learn more


Unveiling the brand LECHAL (an umbrella brand by Ducere Technologies for all wearable technologies), Krispian Lawrence, Co-Founder and CEO, Ducere Technologies, introduced the LECHAL initiative, Every time you buy a pair of LECHAL footwear, one pair of LECHAL footwear will be subsidized for a visually challenged person, through Institutes like the world renowned L V Prasad Eye Institute, based in Hyderabad.

A little giving will go a long way Learn more


Ducere Technologies, was founded in 2011 by Krispian Lawrence and Anirudh Sharma, graduates from MIT and the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. The company has launched LECHAL- Indias first innovative brand in wearable technology. It has been launched with a vision of developing products that are intuitive and unobtrusive, facilitating every user to evolve to higher lifestyles, reaping the benefits of making technology work for them.

Under the brand LECHAL, they have introduced the Worlds First Interactive Haptic Footwear. It is a revolutionary product that offers mobility assistance like never before.

Today, Ducere and its brand LECHAL, have been recognized globally as an innovative brand in wearable technology, winning several awards and recognition, including the world renowned TED conference in 2013.


Krispian Lawrence
Co-Founder and CEO, Ducere Technologies
M.S in Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

An Electronics engineer turned Patent Prosecutor. After living in the US for almost 13 years, Krispian left his lucrative job at one of the best Intellectual Property Law firms in the US, and moved to India to start Ducere Technologies with his friend and fellow tinkerer Anirudh Sharma.

A tinkerer and design geek at heart, Krispian believes that technology should be integrated into ones life without the hassle of being a device. It is with this belief that he and his team at Ducere innovate to develop one disruptive product after another.

Anirudh Sharma
Co-Founder and CTO, Ducere Technologies
M.S in Media Arts and Science, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

An Electronics engineer and serial innovator, Anirudh left his job as a researcher at HP Labs in India and teamed up with fellow co-founder Krispian Lawrence to develop and commercialize Lechal- the worlds first interactive haptic footwear.

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