Program Aims to Make Treatment More Accessible for Diabetes Patients

By: Keely McCormick
Posted Nov 23, 2022

CLEARWATER, Fla. – A Clearwater man with diabetes is spreading the word about a program that is making life easier for him: an at-home patient monitoring system powered by CopilotIQ.

David Coarsen has been living with diabetes for two years. He said the shift to virtual care saves him time and effort.

“It was just more convenient having things coming to me all the time rather than me going out somewhere to see a doctor,” Coarsen said.

CopilotIQ ships all the tools needed to test blood sugar levels to the patient’s doorstep. They then use a cellular-powered device that sends the patient’s readings back to the medical team.

Dr. Litchfield is the co-founder of the program. He said his main goal was to remove barriers and make care more accessible for all patients, an issue that became more prevalent during the pandemic.

“What I saw was older Americans were not getting the care that they deserved, and honestly, it was really frustrating,” said Dr. Litchfield said.

The program treats patients from the comfort of their homes by utilizing virtual appointments with the medical team. Each patient has a device that monitors their readings and numbers.

“Once I take my finger prick and blood work, it picks it up and sends it right to their headquarters,” Coarsen said.

The medical team monitors the patient daily and works directly with the individual’s insurance provider.

You can read more about CopilotIQ via the link below.

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