Sprint Brings Caption Calling To iOS Devices

By Adnan Farooqui on 07/24/2013

Sprint announced today that its Wireless CapTel service, powered by Raketu, is now available for iOS devices.

The service will greatly benefit those individuals who live with hearing loss.

The Wireless CapTel service lets users read their conversations word for word in real time captions that are displayed on their devices. Calls are placed the same way they are by everyone, simply dial the number and initiate the call.

When the person on the other end answers, callers are able to listen to them as well as read what they’re saying in the form of captions that are displayed on the device’s screen.

The service was previously available on select Android devices, but now the iOS app is up and available for download from iTunes App Store.

With the Everything Data plan, the service is free. Calls made through CapTel are automatically routed through a captioning service. To receive captions on every call, users just have to give out their specialized Wireless CapTel numbers, provided by Sprint.

The rules and regulations governing this service can be read at Sprint CapTel’s website.

Reproduced from http://www.ubergizmo.com/2013/07/sprint-brings-caption-calling-to-ios-devices/