The Blind Have Rights, the Right to Unemployment, Unequal Access and Poverty

By Geof Collis
January 25, 2011

Donna Jodhan how dare you Sue Us the Federal Government to give Equal Access to the Blind by way of our websites!

You want to get a Job with Us? You have the Right to be Unemployed.

What’s wrong with living on the Canada Pension we offer? You have the Right to live in Poverty.

Didn’t you get the message when we cut the Court Challenges program in hopes of stopping you? You had the Right to stop there.

No, you had to continue on and make Us waste your Taxpayers dollars fighting you. Dont you know you have the Right to Unequal Access?

To make things worse you actually beat Us, so now we have to waste more of your Taxes filing an Appeal because you were Right.

Who do you think you are?

Do you have any idea how much time and energy it takes to keep Blind and Disabled Canadians from achieving Equality?

Geof Collis how dare you question Us, the City of Kawartha Lakes for a Voting system that discriminates against the Blind. You have the Right not to vote.

So what if only 1 person used the Assistive Marking Ballot system. They had the Right not to use it.

And what is this business of wanting our Minutes in an Accessible PDF? You have the Right to struggle with the the ones we supply, it’s not a Law yet. You have the Right to wait until we are good and ready to comply however long it takes.

You Blind people are getting Right annoying!