VCH Denies Former CEO Forced Out For Telling The Truth

by Valentine Marten
July 21, 2015

This morning the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCH) denied social media reports that its former CEO Dr. David Ostrow had not voluntarily retired last year but was forced to for telling the truth.

Two days ago Wikileaks tweeted a link to a News 1130 article dated February 26, 2013 in which Dr. Ostrow stated: Pearson was never meant to handle the complex care requirements of those now living therePeople are getting their medications at the right time, and theyre getting suction and that sort of thing, but its way more than that when you are actually living there, and so there I would say that care isnt ideal, theft is an issue at every one of Vancouver Coastals long term care organizations. (Pearson is the George Pearson Centre, a 63 year old 114 bed extended care hospital for adults with disabilities who have complex needs.)

This tweet unleashed a storm on social media speculating that Dr. Ostrow was forced to retire in 2014 because of his evidence-based remarks.


Annie Diablo (VCH spokesperson): We want to assure the public that telling the truth has never been a problem for VCH’s Executive Team. Our Executive Team are professionals who recognize the significance of telling the truth. We give special rewards to truth tellers.

Valentine Marten: Hi, Valentine Marten, Accessibility News, I have a background question: is Dr. Ostrow a real doctor?

Diablo: What? What do you mean is he a real doctor?

Valentine: People who don’t have the talent to be real doctors become psychiatrists or spin doctors.

Diablo: Are you a real reporter?

Valentine: Why are you so mean?

Diablo: [Awkward silence.]

Valentine: Do you confirm that Dr. Ostrow’s remarks are true?

Diablo: What is truth?

Valentine: If Dr. Ostrow is a real doctor then he’s a medical expert. And obviously when he was the CEO he had access to all the latest info about VCH’s performance. So if he says Pearson isn’t meeting the needs of its patients then that must be true?

Diablo: VCH may be aware of Dr. Ostrow’s concerns.

Valentine: So why do you keep admitting vulnerable people to Pearson?

Diablo: Because we put people first.

Valentine Marten is a failed entrepreneur, monogamist and war lord. He has crossed the globe in a jet, crossed the Alps in a train and watched the Paralympics on TV. A life-long sufferer of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, he once tweeted: The only disability is the inability to laugh at other people.