ViewPoints: Brandt-CNIB Regina Development Scandal

Ordinary citizens protested the secretive Brandt-CNIB development that would have developed commercial real estate on a provincially owned park in Regina. They are willing to fight it in court.

Regina City Council repeatedly protested the Brandt-CNIB development and it passed two motions against it calling for more transparency.

The Saskatchewan Provincial Capital Commission’s Board passed a unanimous decision to audit the Brandt-CNIB development. The report raises even more questions about this secretive deal that would allow CNIB to live in prime office space rent-free.

CNIB still refuses to name the commercial tenants that want to rent space in the Brandt-CNIB development.

The public does not trust the CNIB in Regina. Period. They are willing to fight it in court. It’s the Little Guy v. Big Charity.

This project was so badly managed by the CNIB and Saskatchewan is the home Province of Ronald J. Kruzeniski the previous Chair of the CNIB who’s Saskatchewan’s Privacy Commissioner.