Who Says That Dreams Don’t Come True?

By Donna J. Jodhan

Last week as I sat glued to my television taking in the pomp and ceremony of President Barack Obama’s inauguration, something very real occurred to me.
We now have a brand new spanking president in the Oval Office. The first African American president and I am sure that many are still in disbelief that
this momentous event has actually come to pass. A few years ago, the majority of us me included would probably have said that it was not possible to have
such an event take place but here we are today with a man who has fulfilled his dream! The political landscape of America and indeed of the world has
just been given a huge and memorable makeover and I bet that we can’t wait for the next chapter to be written.

My point for today is a simple one. Sometimes, if we work hard enough and dream hard enough, dreams will come true. If we want something badly enough
and if we create and plan well enough, it will come to pass. Barack Obama did it! So what’s stopping blind and visually impaired persons from dreaming
of a better world? One where attitude, access, and technological barriers would be lowered significantly. Much progress has been made since Louis Braille’s
invention but there is still so much to be accomplished and you know what? We may never be able to obtain full optimization of our rights but what if
we could put our heads together and develop some dreams? What if we as an International community can find ways to collaborate to create and develop dreams
in techno colour? Dreams that we can all work together towards? Dreams that can benefit the welfare of the blind and visually impaired person; not just
a small community, small town, small city, or just one part of our globe?

Many may say that I am indeed a dreamer but that’s okay. One of my favourite quotations is by Robert F. Kennedy that goes like this: “Some men see things
as they are and say why! I dream things that never were and say why not!” Barack Obama had big dreams and look where he is today. He did not get there
through a fluke or just luck! He dreamed, he planned, he imagined, and he won big time! There are more than enough intelligent persons in our midst to
make things happen. There are more than enough go getters among us to start the ball rolling. We have the Internet to bring us together, and we have
affordable long distance phone plans to communicate with each other.

Our challenges go way beyond borders and countries and continents. We all face the same problems; Inherent poverty, attitude barriers, access barriers,
and technological barriers. It does not matter which country we live in, societies of our homelands view us in the same way. We are treated as the disregarded,
the disrespected, and we are too often looked upon as second class citizens and Human Beings; but believe it or not there is something that we can do!
Yes, we can take a page out of Barack Obama’s book. We can dream and we can win! All we need to do is to allow ourselves and our imaginations to create,
plan, and develop.

I’m Donna J. Jodhan, your freelance writer and reporter wishing you a terrific day.

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