World’s First Online International Deaf-Blind Conference translated by Translate Your World

January 7, 2015
By aqureshi

NEW YORK and ATLANTA: The world’s first online across-language conference for people who are deaf-blind will be held via the internet on January 24th and 25th and offered simultaneously as subtitles in 78 different languages and as translated synthesized voice in 35 languages.

The public is invited to attend this online event including teachers, counselors, medical professionals, diversity specialists, support service providers, corporate communication leaders, sign language interpreters, governmental representatives, plus family and members of the Deaf, Blind, and DeafBlind communities.

This 2-day conference includes presentations and entertainment by some of the top leaders of the North American DeafBlind community and presenters from other countries. The event is expected to be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about communication techniques and trends within the DeafBlind community, as well as network and learn from leaders. For the first time in history, this communication includes global deaf-blind communities made possible through use of revolutionary new technologies.

The event is the brainchild of Susanne Morgan Morrow. Morrow is the Director of the New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative, a federally funded grant for children and young adults who are deaf-blind. She is also a nationally certified sign language interpreter and the owner of DB-TIP (Deaf-Blind Training, Interpreting and Professional Development). Morrow explains, “Today’s technologies finally make it possible for the people across communities and of different languages to come together across the miles, both nationally and globally, on one platform. New technologies permit communication in ways that were never before possible. At the same time, these new technologies slash costs to a fraction making it affordable for any office, hotel, school, or company to communicate with people who are Deaf, Blind or DeafBlind from a webpage on any device.”

Morrow continues, “It is critical that the general public learns directly from experts from within the community who are DeafBlind themselves. Using these newly developed technologies allows people separated by distance and language to view and interact with DeafBlind people. In addition to spoken English and American Sign Language, the conference will be automatically captioned and subtitled into 78 languages for sighted people of other countries and translated into synthesized voice in 35 languages for people who are blind.

This unprecedented globalization of the world’s first International Deaf-Blind Conference uses a software called Translate Your World, makers of easy-to-use speech translation software that generates text and voice directly from a speaker’s words. This software enables hearing people to communicate with people who are deaf or blind simply by going to a webpage.

The line-up of speakers and presenters includes many stars from the DeafBlind community in North America and overseas:

Helen Keller National Center: Chris Woodfill, Associate Director of HKNC. Eugene Bourquin, international expert on travel techniques for the DeafBlind. Maricar Marquez, specializing in Support Service Providers, communication techniques and independent living techniques for the DeafBlind.

Usher Syndrome: Krista Vasi, Executive Director of the Usher Syndrome Coalition, and former Director of Operations of the Decibels Foundation, and

CHARGE Syndrome: Sheri Stanger, Director of Outreach with CHARGE Syndrome foundation and former president of the National Family Association for Deaf-Blind, whose daughter has CHARGE.

DeafBlind Community Experts: Chris Woodfill, board of directors of the World Federation of the DeafBlind & Associate Director of HKNC. Jelica Nuccio, the first DeafBlind director of the Deaf-Blind Service Center in Seattle. AJ Granda, developer of the first curriculum to teach Pro-Tactile to DeafBlind and sighted people. Bryen M. Yunashko, accessibility technology trainer for DeafBlind and the open-source software community.

International speakers: Geir Jensen, president of the World Federation of the DeafBlind.

Deaf Community Consultants: Christopher Tester, multi-dialect Sign Language interpreter. Yvette Brown, intervener in the classroom with a deaf-blind student.

DeafBlind Community Guests: Mark Gassaway, president of American Association of the Deaf-Blind, Rene Pellerin from Vermont, Dana Tartar from Georgia and Tracey Gilbert-Dallow from New York.

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