Petition for the HST/GST Exemption

By Steve Barclay
August 4, 2012

The clerk of the House of Commons has certified my petition for the exemption of the GST/HST.  If you’re willing, here is a link to download a copy of the petition form: 

My thanks to you if you are willing to circulate this petition.  Anyone can sign it who is a Canadian citizen.  If you are able to leave this in a publicly accessible place, please let me know and I’ll advertise the location as best I can. 

Our government rules for petitions are kind of antiquated.  A petition must be printed, and must be signed.  Online petitions are not recognized officially. 

A petition must have the purpose of the petition printed on the front of the form, must have at least some signatures on the front and can also have signatures on the back.  That’s the way this one is set up. 

If someone is unable to sign the petition by virtue of a disability, it can be signed by a witness on their behalf.  It should be noted in the signature section that the signature is a witness on behalf of the person with a disability. 

It really doesn’t matter if these forms have a single signature or a whole bunch.  If you run out of space on one form, print another, you can’t add a blank sheet for additional signatures.  If you are unable to print this on your own, I’d be happy to mail you copies.  Just let me know. 

I will need to gather all the signatures together in order to present them to my MP.  I need to have all signed copies of this petition back in my hands by September 1st at the very latest.   

Signed petition forms can be mailed to me at: 

Steve Barclay
c/o Aroga Technologies
150-5055 Joyce St.
Vancouver BC
V5R 6B2 

Thanks again for your help with this.  Every bit is appreciated!

Steve Barclay